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Our personable, professional approach means we can integrate seamlessly with wider project teams, while our proactive and agile approach to project management ensures our installations are delivered on time, on budget and to the world class standards synonymous with SSI Schaefer shelving and racking.

That was the case when we won a contract in partnership with SSI Schaefer to create a back counter parts room storage solution along with a trade distribution warehouse for Motus Group Truck and Van, part of Motus UK – the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group with a £1 billion turnover and 3,000 employees.

As specialists in parts storage solutions for the passenger, commercial and agricultural aftermarket sectors, we deliver exceptional consultancy, design, supply, and installation services.

In this case we drew on our experience and expertise in the commercial vehicle sector when we became involved at the inception of Motus’ project to create a bespoke, new-build dealership at Witham in Essex.

We advised on the required space and solutions Motus would need to hold its desired amount of stock to ensure the premises would be fit for purpose, operate successfully and be future-proof. In doing so, the designs took into consideration the available space, stock profile, timescales, and budgets.

The build began in January 2021 and was completed 11 months later. Our storage installation took three weeks and was delivered on time and on budget in readiness for the grand opening in 2022.

Collaboration and creativity

Working in tandem with the Motus project team, our first solution was to instigate the creation of an industrial mezzanine floor spanning a third of the building, and this was added during the first fix phase of construction. Once completed, it would accommodate service administration, reception, and the parts department.

Our next collaboration was with our specialist partner SSI Schaefer, whose storage systems are regarded as best-in-class by customers in this sector. They are one of the world’s leading storage manufacturers and all new installations done by Linco Automotive use SSI Schaefer systems unless the client specifies otherwise.

Together we opted for SSI Schaefer’s R 3000 shelving and racking, complete with dividers, small parts bins, and specialist accessories to house the agreed stockpile from large to small parts.

We designed an efficient and future-proof configuration which enabled Motus to achieve the storage capacity it required.

It consisted of:

  • More than 1,632 LM of SSI Schaefer shelving for large, medium, and small parts.
  • 24 bays fitted with RK containers: two levels of RK 500 N and two levels of RK 521s, each with four dividers per tray creating an additional 2,880 locations in total for small parts.
  • 6,000 lines with two locations for each SKU, making a total of 12,000 locations, which required storing in an area less than 800m2.
Industrial shelving used to store cardboard boxes for automotive company

Experience, expertise – and agility

Our experience and expertise are built on more than 50 years of working in the automotive sector, making us trusted partners for our customers.

That was an important aspect of our involvement in this project as all new builds involve some changes along the way.

However, it became imperative when the client asked for some minor but fundamental changes close to the install date, which called for agile thinking and problem solving – our skills, experience and knowledge means we can create bespoke solutions, tailored to individual needs no matter the size, scope or challenge.

Working closely with Motus, we incorporated all the revisions with minimum disruption to the overall project. Crucially, the client was happy and had confidence in our design and support.



“From the initial quote to install, the whole process was seamless. As with all builds, from the concept stage to the final install, changes happened regularly, and this was certainly the case with Motus Truck and Van.

“The teams at Linco Automotive and SSI Schaefer played their part perfectly without an issue. We made some fundamental changes quite close to the install date, all was taken on board without hesitation and amended plans were with us the following day.

“At time of install, everything was carried out perfectly with the execution of install fulfilled as per the plans.”

Gordon Down General Manager, Motus Truck and Van

Linco Automotive, with you all the way

The boltless SSI Schaefer solutions we install are fully scalable and able to grow with your business, meaning you can always upgrade or retrofit. They are easily adjustable, user friendly and future-proof.

And once you become a Linco Automotive client our exceptional service and support extends far beyond installation.

We’re on hand for ongoing requirements such as reconfigurations, relocations, and additional accessories. We are committed to making sure our clients get the best out of the world class storage solutions we supply.

Such is our trust in our designs, and the products we supply, we offer a buy-back option if you don’t need the storage anymore. We also offer free storage for installations waiting to be reinstalled.

We are now looking forward to future projects with Motus Group.

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Industrial shelving built for automotive company
Industrial shelving built for automotive company
Industrial shelving built for automotive company
Industrial shelving used to store cardboard boxes for automotive company

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