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Sytner Audi Nottingham
A solution unique in the industry based on knowledge, experience and meticulous research

Operating purely in the automotive storage sector, LInco Automotive’s tailor-made solutions are based on our incomparable knowledge, experience and expertise gathered over 50-plus years in the automotive storage sector.

Sytner Audi Nottingham called on that knowledge and experience when it found itself with too many cars awaiting pre-delivery inspection (PDI) than it had space for.

Sytner already had a large industrial unit at the rear of its premises that it was using for PDI and valeting purposes but only at ground floor level.

Being fully immersed in the industry means we understand the needs of our customers, the challenges they face and how best to service them. So, when our site survey presented us with a building with a 12m high roof void we knew immediately the solution rested on using the full height of the building. It is a solution, we believe, that is unique to the automotive aftermarket sector.


Robust, cost effective and reusable

Sytner had already ruled out the cost of purchasing an additional building when it commissioned us, and with no additional units available nearby, we began applying our specialist skills, experience and knowledge to examine a number of options, one of which was to adapt the building utilising concrete and steel.

We only design and specify the most robust solutions that will work effortlessly time and time again, and in this case Sytner was seeking a cost effective, workable solution that could ultimately be dismantled, removed and reused once the building’s lease expired. Concrete and steel were ruled out as too costly and impractical.

Bespoke solutions tailored to individual needs no matter the size, scope or challenge are our specialism. The answer was a mezzanine floor, especially as it would only be used for storage and not as a publicly accessible car park.

Balancing strength and safety

We use our initiative and take complete ownership of our projects from start to finish, working alongside other stakeholders to ensure smooth running and delivery every step of the way. Following our extensive and in-depth research, Sytner agreed the most cost effective solution was a mezzanine floor accessed via a ramp.

The flooring material had to be strong enough to accommodate the weight of the vehicles while light enough to be used in the construction of a mezzanine. It also had to be safe to drive cars on without slipping, especially when the vehicles were being driven up a ramp from outside in wet conditions.

We chose a specialist chipboard decking which would allow us to cover the whole floor in a precise layer of asphalt – not too thin to crack and not too thick to create weight loading issues. The asphalt had to be applied at a controlled temperature so it did not damage the decking.

We completed the installation with the addition of high visibility barriers and bay markings and column protection bumpers.

A solution unique to the industry

Linco Automotive has all the solutions you need under one roof. As specialists in parts storage solutions for the automotive aftermarket sector, we deliver exceptional consultancy, design, manufacture, supply and installation services.

We believe our solution is unique in the industry, with our specialist mezzanine offering the following benefits:

  • Bespoke and modular
  • Dismountable and reusable
  • Shorter installation time window than the creation of a conventional car park
  • Cost effective in comparison to alternative options
  • Existing facilities were utilised to their full potential

We know the market, we know the inner workings of the automotive sector and the day-to-day challenges it faces. Our specialist knowledge helps us to effortlessly overcome those challenges to make everyday workings more efficient, profitable and enjoyable.

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