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Sytner Mini Slough
A truly bespoke solution based on our problem-solving expertise

Problem-solving is a fundamental trait of Linco Automotive – our team of specialists have extensive knowledge, experience and skills that enable us to create bespoke solutions, tailored to individual needs, regardless of the size, scope or challenge presented by the project before us.

We had to draw on all of those strengths when we were asked to provide a storage solution for a new Sytner Mini dealership in Slough.

We love a challenge

Sytner required a 1,000 square metre storage facility for 80 Minis, but two factors made this commission unique.

Firstly, there was insufficient ground space to provide on-site parking bays for that number of vehicles, and secondly, Sytner wanted to employ the building’s ground floor as a working area for its mechanics, bodyshop, paint ovens and valeting.

We are painstaking at taking time to understand our customers, their needs and the most appropriate solutions to their project’s needs; in this case how to create first floor storage for 80 vehicles without the benefit of a ramp.

Our tailor-made solutions reflect our incomparable knowledge, experience and expertise gathered over 50-plus years in the automotive storage sector, so our specialist team set about developing a mezzanine floor plan with the supporting columns strategically placed to suit the workspace on the floor below.

Meanwhile, other team members researched and tested decking suitable for the demands of the environment – all the while taking building and fire regulations into account.

Finding a solution, twice

After much meticulous research, testing and planning – and armed with knowledge gained from a previous installation at Sytner Nottingham – we arrived at a multifaceted solution.

The first element was the mezzanine floor created from specialist decking capable of accommodating the weight of the cars while still being light enough not impede the weight loading of the mezzanine itself.

The final piece of the jigsaw was the installation of a car lift, making the transfer of vehicles from the ground floor to the mezzanine swift and seamless while only using one parking space on each floor.

We completed the installation with the addition of high visibility barriers and bay markings and column protection bumpers.

And in keeping with our vision of designing a better future for our automotive clients with storage solutions that effortlessly and seamlessly adapt to support business growth, market changes and challenges, everything we installed was dismountable and reusable.

On time, on budget and cost effective

We know the market, we know the inner workings of the automotive sector and the day-to-day challenges it faces. Our specialist knowledge helps us to effortlessly overcome those challenges to make everyday workings more efficient, profitable and enjoyable.

In fact, the whole project was completed from start to finish in just six weeks. It was delivered on time and on budget. And as a solution, our installation was approximately half the cost of erecting a steel and concrete facility, and a great deal less than the accruing cost of paying for additional car storage off site.

However, the biggest benefit is the dynamic ability of being able to dismantle and reuse the mezzanine either as a car storage solution or as a standard mezzanine flooring.

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