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Automated Storage Solutions

In addition to static shelving and racking, we can offer your business automated storage solutions in the form of carousels and shuttles. These innovative pieces of equipment can optimise your storage space to its maximum on a relatively small footprint by using the full height of your building.

That’s why our customers value us as trusted partners with specialist experience and knowledge.

So, when space becomes a real issue and all other options have been considered and/or implemented, it’s time to turn your attention to an automated storage solution.

Carousel or shuttle installations are both innovative solutions that maximise the space they occupy.

These are excellent options to consider when your business has outgrown its existing floorspace, or designing at concept stage.

Bespoke Automated Storage Solutions

Linco Automotive provides a consultancy, design, supply and installation service for automated storage manufactured to a customer’s specific requirements with the following benefits

  • Good volume utilisation
  • Space saving capacity
  • Stock security
  • The option to add a stock control system

It’s all part of our vision to design a better future for our clients with storage solutions that effortlessly and seamlessly adapt to support business growth, market changes and challenges quickly, quietly and effectively.

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