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Attention to detail is intrinsic to Linco Automotive. It means we have all the solutions you need under one roof, and that includes our range of steel lockers and cabinets for safe, convenient and secure storage in the workplace.

Available in a range of configurations to maximise space, we can provide lockers for storing personal belongings and even storage solutions capable of keeping hazardous substances safe.

Our lockers come in a range of colours and lock mechanisms from deadlocks to combination locks. Benches and seating are also available in a range of sizes and colours.

All of our hazardous substance lockers come with a high-visibility yellow coating to highlight the danger of the materials being stored within.

Everyday lockers for the workplace

Our full height (1800mm) lockers are available in single or two-door configurations.

Single door lockers have a fixed top shelf, with a garment hanging rail (except the 300mm deep model) with two coat hooks.

Two-door lockers have a garment hanging rail (except the 300mm deep model) and two coat hooks in each compartment. They are available with solid or perforated doors for ventilation

Our angled-top lockers feature a 22-degree slope for ease of cleaning and to prevent litter collecting. They can be configured with slatted seats incorporated into the front of the locker and raised frames for ease of cleaning underneath and damage prevention.

They are available in a range of 11 standard and pastel colours with light grey interior as standard.

In keeping with our attention to detail, all of our lockers feature antimicrobial technology offering constant protection against a wide range of bacteria.

Everyday lockers

Workwear lockers

Workwear lockers

Our workwear lockers come in two variations: the Crew Locker and the Utility Locker.

Crew lockers offer larger volume storage, ensuring ample space for bulky uniforms, boots, equipment and personal possessions. They also feature:

  • Internal dividers for segregating clothes, footwear, boots etc.
  • Reinforced and stiffened doors for added strength
  • Reinforced shelf with heavy duty hanging rail.

Utility lockers have additional configurations and door options to suit specific requirements, such as clean/dirty compartments, uniform hanging or even two-person lockers. An angled-top version is available with the 22-degree slope outlined above.

And just like our everyday lockers, they are finished with antibacterial technology incorporated into the powder coating.

Hazardous storage solutions

Our customers know they’re in safe hands; reassured that we’re providing the best, most efficient and effective advice, solutions or products at all times. That includes the storage of hazardous materials.

It is essential that employers and employees alike comply with their legal obligations under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) workplace safety regulations.

Our hazardous storage solutions are supplied with appropriate safety labelling, while the highly visible yellow of the cupboards also ensures awareness of the potential danger of the materials being stored.

They are independently assessed to conform to HSG51 and SR24, and the safety labelling is in accordance with BS 5378.

Hazardous storage solutions

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