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Office & Room Partition Wall Systems

From concept if your project requires offices and trade counters, these can be designed and installed by us in the form of room or office partition wall systems.

As your business evolve and so does your space requirements. If your space isn’t working for you, our office partition wall systems are a potential solution.

Permanent or temporary, room partitions are a simple, cost-effective way of dividing existing space to meet your office, storage or industrial needs.

There are other benefits too, office partitions are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – a step up from a stud wall 
  • Versatile – they can go anywhere for a multitude of reasons 
  • Portable – you can relocate them if desired 

Office Partition Wall Systems Improve Traffic Flow

Office partition wall systems can provide improved ‘traffic flow’ in working environments and provide a fusion of openness and privacy. 

The clever use of office partitioning can really maximise the available space and we offer a wide range of styles, colours and heights to totally personalise your space to suit your business needs. 

Whether you are seeking an industrial partition solution that is temporary or permanent, where it is required to meet a specific need, such as dust prevention or temperature control, the Linco Automotive team will create a bespoke solution for your business. 

And by partnering with us, you’ll be assured of a cost-effective delivery, and a hassle-free build thanks to our commitment to service excellence. 

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