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Tyre Racking

Linco Automotive is an exceptional UK storage specialist in the automotive aftermarket and dealerships industry providing future-proof, tailored solutions that will optimise your valued resources of space, stock and time.

The tyre racking systems that we supply are manufactured by SSI Shaefer, whose world-renowned shelving and racking is made of galvanised steel. Our tyre racking and tyre storage systems are strong, durable and are supplied with a protective coating that stops corrosion. The boltless installation system makes it easily adjustable, fully scalable, user-friendly and future proof.

A Man Racking Tyres Into A Tyre Racking Storage System WIthin An Automotive Garage

Tyre Racking Systems Installed Within An Automotive Garage

Tyre Racking Systems Designed By The Best

Our SSI Shaefer tyre racking systems come in three depths – 400mm, 500mm and 600mm – and in three widths measuring 1m, 1.5m and 2m. It can be erected up to four levels high on a single unit, with a maximum weight bearing capacity of 300kg per level.

Our vision is to design storage solutions that effortlessly and seamlessly adapt to support business growth, market changes and challenges.​ Our tyre storage racking is fully adjustable in 50mm increments for ease of use as tyre and stock profiles adapt to business needs and demand.

Our wide network of suppliers also includes Bosal, Dexion and Europe Racking, and we can offer both new and used equipment at competitive prices. In addition, we hold extensive stock ourselves from many manufacturers. 

Tyre Racking Systems For The Automotive Sector

And in keeping with our eye for detail, our tyre racking storage systems are specially designed with an internal chamfered edge that provides a larger surface area for the tyre to nestle against, reducing the point load and stopping any deformation or indenting.

We know the inner workings of the automotive sector and the day-to-day challenges it faces. Our specialist knowledge helps us to overcome those challenges to make everyday working more efficient, enjoyable and profitable.

Tyre Racking Systems Installed Within An Automotive Garage
A Man Racking Tyres Into A Tyre Racking Storage System WIthin An Automotive Garage

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